Saturday, February 4, 2012

Concept Map: Static versus Dynamic Technologies mod5

Static verses dynamic…where do I fit in? I find myself in the middle of the continuum moving slowly but surely towards the dynamic side. Before entering Walden University I was definitely on the static side using power points, texting and face book (along with others). However, now that I am attending Walden I have found myself moving to the dynamic side using tools such as; googledocs, teleconferencing, discussion boards, visual stimulations, and evaluating content.
Blogging has been a very new experience for me and I find it very interesting. The dynamic side of the continuum introduces many new tools to me and I look forward to using them soon. The opportunity or availability of such tools and hardware/software is ever-so increasing or developing each year-it seems! The ability to connect/educate people through computers has come a long way from the face2face instruction.  Social media, for example, has generated a whole new platform from education, business, communities, and marketing.  Fahy concurs that “where normal software links people to the inner workings of a computer or network, social software links people to the inner workings of each others’ thoughts, feelings and opinions”  (Fahy,2008, p. 186).
I look forward to learning more of the tools on the dynamic side which can be challenging for the first time user. Since there are some many options out there, I hope to find some that will benefit my line of work-special education-which would benefit special needs students.
Fahy, P.J. (2008). Characteristics of interactive online learning media. In Anderson, T. (Ed.), The theory and practice of online learning. (2nd ed.) (pp. 167-199). Edmonton, AB: Athabasca University Press.
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