Saturday, February 4, 2012

Concept Map: Static versus Dynamic Technologies mod5

Static verses dynamic…where do I fit in? I find myself in the middle of the continuum moving slowly but surely towards the dynamic side. Before entering Walden University I was definitely on the static side using power points, texting and face book (along with others). However, now that I am attending Walden I have found myself moving to the dynamic side using tools such as; googledocs, teleconferencing, discussion boards, visual stimulations, and evaluating content.
Blogging has been a very new experience for me and I find it very interesting. The dynamic side of the continuum introduces many new tools to me and I look forward to using them soon. The opportunity or availability of such tools and hardware/software is ever-so increasing or developing each year-it seems! The ability to connect/educate people through computers has come a long way from the face2face instruction.  Social media, for example, has generated a whole new platform from education, business, communities, and marketing.  Fahy concurs that “where normal software links people to the inner workings of a computer or network, social software links people to the inner workings of each others’ thoughts, feelings and opinions”  (Fahy,2008, p. 186).
I look forward to learning more of the tools on the dynamic side which can be challenging for the first time user. Since there are some many options out there, I hope to find some that will benefit my line of work-special education-which would benefit special needs students.
Fahy, P.J. (2008). Characteristics of interactive online learning media. In Anderson, T. (Ed.), The theory and practice of online learning. (2nd ed.) (pp. 167-199). Edmonton, AB: Athabasca University Press.
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  1. Sue, Lawrence Lessig suggests we live in a remix culture. In your contrast of static versus dynamic technologies, are technologies that allow remixing static of dynamic?

    1. Hi Lisa- good question... I believe it is the new generation using old materials for new knowledge/information/production. The creativity that goes into remixing definately falls on the dynamic side however, it depends to what extreme you want your project to pop. As Lessig states its "People taking and recreating using other people’s content, using digital technologies to say things differently".
      Thanks for link-I found it very interesting.

  2. I agree with you about being on the static end before I started courses at Walden. I did use CPS remotes it the classroom, but since I have learned about other forms of technology that I can use in the classroom, the assessing process has gotten a lot easier. Students are enjoying Social Studies and ELA since we incorporate more technology and they are learning.

    1. Kasey- I still find some of these new tools frightening-only on the basis I do not not how to use them- but once I get a feel for them I am ok. Walden has given me the opportunity to use many more tools then I would of ever. It is challenging but fascinating at the same time. Thanks for responding.